Sod's law

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Jul 7, 2012 00:51
I'm a private pilot in the US and Japan. I am also a student pilot in the UK. I have to pass written tests and a flight test to transfer my pilot license from the US to the UK. I had had flight training since last year and passed all written tests, flight check, and a mock test by last month. Although I booked final flight test a month ago, bad weather prevented me to having it. The test was cancelled seven times due to weather. Today a member of the flight school sent me a mail and she said that my flight instructor resigned and there were no record of my skill. She said that I have to have training and skill check by other instructor again before taking final test. It meant that I had to go back a few stages of training. It is ridiculous. It's not my fault.
"Here you go again." I thought it when I received her mail. I had had similar problem many times in my life. The world must be filled with malevolence.
Although I'm still angry, I know it's a wasting of time. I'll plot my next move soon.