Recruiting participants

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Jun 28, 2012 19:53
I'm a neuroscientist in a university in London. I need healthy volunteers as participants for our study. I'm measuring brain activities by using medical equipments. I perform my experiments on weekdays because I need some helps of the staff in the laboratory and they work only weekday. So, most of my participants are university students. Recently, it is no easy to recruit participants because the summer vacation has started. Many students go back their home towns and the campus looks bare. Normally, I perform my experiment with participants who are introduced by other researchers. It is much safer way. Although there are some volunteer pool systems on the web, they are slightly risky. I had used them and I had some troubles. Such kind of troubles is stressful even in Japan, it is much worse in foreign country in English. They were hard for me. So, I do not want to use those pools. However I cannot help use them because summer vacation has started. I hope no serious problem happens.