Diamond Jubilee

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Jun 6, 2012 18:07
This weekend was four days weekend; named jubilee weekend. I sometimes heard the word "jubilee" and it was also used for the name of a tube line, "jubilee line", but I did not know the meaning. I asked my colleague about the meaning and he said that it represents a kind of celebration and it means that the celebration in commemoration of 60 years of the Queen. We can find many Union Jack all around the cities and TVs continually broadcasted the special programs for celebrations. A TV program showed the events of Jubilee in other countries; Kenya, South Africa, India, and etc. I realised that British Empire was large area and included many counties. Although it is curious for us Japanese that European people (at least for British) does not tell Africa and Asia apart, I may find the reason for it. They had colonies all over the world, outside of Europa. Their world may be composed of two parts; European countries and outside of them. If their cultures based on such histories, it may be understandable. The Jubilee gave me good chance to understand their culture and histories.
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