Hot Spring in Portugal

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Jun 10, 2014 23:20
Hot Spring in Portugal

Most Japanese love bathing in hot spring; it is one of the important culture of Japan. Of course, I love it, too. Although most Japanese believe that it is Japanese unique culture, it is not true. It is also popular in European countries. I’ve already enjoyed bating in hot spring in Island, Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany. Although they put on a swimsuit for bathing in most countries, they enjoy it almost the same way as Japan.
When I planned to go to Portugal for my Easter holidays, I found that there are some hot springs. I was interested in them. Especially, “Sao Pedro do Sul” attracted me; it is located in mountains and looked beautiful. I googled it a lot but there are only limited information about it. Even web pages written in English were hard to be found. Written in Japanese was much less. By chance, I found a webpage which was written by Japanese who was living near there. I send a mail to the author to get some information. Kindly, she replied and taught how to get there. We could get there from Lisboa or Porto by coach. I planned my journey from Lisboa to Porto via Sao Pedro do Sul. I booked a small hotel just beside of public bath centre of the town.
When I get there, I smelled of sulfur lightly hanging in the air; it indicated that there are natural hot spring around there. There is a fountain which belching hot water near the coach station. I touched it and knew the quality of the hot water was quite good. It is what I want to have!
I checked in a hotel I booked and a member of the staff of the hotel revealed a shocking truth; the public bath next to them was closed for a few days due to Easter holidays. She said they don’t close except for Easter and Christmas. What a bad timing! Although I was disappointed, I decided to enjoy atmosphere of the town even I could not enjoy bathing. The hotel was small, but the classical architecture and furniture made unique ambience. It was amazing. The food was really nice.
Before going to bed, I used bath in my room and I was surprized; the water from the tap in my room was hot spring water! How nice it was! I enjoyed perfect bathing in my room. I did not need the public bath! It is not easy to enjoy bathing hot spring in guest room even in Japan.
I can recommend you to go there if you like bathing in hot spring.
I want to come again.