Analog TV broadcasting was terminated in London

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Apr 29, 2012 07:17
One day, I turned on my TV and found that it did not work well. I could not watch any TV programs, I could see only noise. What did happen? I reminded that the analog TV broadcasting in London would be terminated in this year. But I did not know when it stopped. My TV set could not receive digital broadcastings. I realized that analog TV broadcasting was terminated that day. I asked my colleague what I should do. He recommended me to buy an equipment which convert digital signals to analog signals. He said I could use the TV set with the equipment, which was named digi-box or free view box. I went to an electronics retail store to look for one. I found ones and bought a cheapest one. It cost about 30 pounds. I attached it on my TV set and it worked well. I could see TV programs. When I saw analog TV broadcastings, I could watch only four channels. But I can watch more than ten channels after attaching the equipment. Although it cost 30 pounds, I think that it worth using.
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