Walking and Cream tea

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Apr 29, 2012 06:40
My friends from Japan stayed my flat for a week. They wantede to enjoy walking in country side. I asked my colleague, who loves walking, where we should go. He gave me a map for walking; it showed a walking course in the northern London. He said that the course was suitable for beginner to enjoy walking in the UK.
Saturday morning, we went to the starting point of the course by tubes. The course went through the small forest. Some families enjoyed walking with their dogs. We strolled through the forest with their dogs. The sights were so beautiful and we enjoyed one of the British cultures.
After the walking, I took them to a tea room. There was an important British culture which I wanted to introduce them. It was "Cream tea". There was a good tea room near my flat. They served delicious cream tea. Cream tea is a set of the foods which is composed of scones, clotted cream, jam, and a cup of tea. Not all tea room serve both delicious scones and tea. But the tea room serves good ones. Of course, they did not know it and this was their first time to enjoy cream teas. They were surprised because it was so delicious. I was happy that they enjoyed some part of British cultures.