See a musical with my friends.

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Apr 29, 2012 05:42
After finishing my job on Friday, I went to Victoria station to meet my friends from Japan. They requested me to arrange to see a musical. Although I heard that it was not easy to enjoy them in Japan because it was difficult to get a ticket and it was so expensive. But it is not difficult to enjoy them in Lindon. There are many theater to enjoy musicals in central London. I was not interspersed in them, I did not know which musical we should see. Then I consulted to my colleague who was good at musicals. He suggested that there were two good musicals which were not held in Japan and we should see one of them. He explained stories of them and I decided one to see; Belly Elliot. One of my friends learned ballets, I thought that it must fit for them. The musical was held in the theater which was located in Victoria. Then, we meet eachh other at there. We received our tickets which I booked before on the website at the ticket office. There were some different levels of seats and prices were different. We bought tickets for good seats because it was a good chance to enjoy REAL musical. It started at half passed seven, lasted almost three hours. It was composed two blocks and there was an interval between them. To tell the truth, it was too difficult to understand their English. But I think that I understood the abstract of the story; it was so impressive. It was thought-providing. Although I was not interested in musicals, it made me changed. I have to say thank you to my friends to give me a chance to have this opportunity.