Renewing my Visa

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Jul 18, 2014 03:16
Renewing my Visa

My job contract was re-extended. The period of my original contract was 2 years and 3 months, so I applied for three years visa to covet the period. The last time of my visa extension, the period was extended to 2 years and 9 months. Then I did not have to change my visa. This time my contract was extended 6 months more. The total period reached to 3 years and 3 months, it was logger than the period of my visa. I had to extend the period my visa. Actually, I had to renew my visa. Fortunately, my employee paid for the renew; it was not cheap. What I had to do for the renew were paper works. It was very complex: there were many different types of visa and each visa had different format to apply for. In my case, I was applying for renew of "Tier 2 General Visa" from the UK because I have already come here and had been working in the UK. When I applied my first visa, I have to attach a balance statement of my bank account in Japan and an English skill certification. It bothered them. However, they were not required for the renew. I filled many forms and brought them with my passport to HR in our office. Although I was worried to entrust my passport to them because I was in foreign country (the UK), I had to do. Fortunately, my passport was returned soon. However, it takes a few weeks to get a new visa. At first, a letter was sent to me from the UK broader Agency and it said my application was fine. The second letter said that I had to go to a post office to be taken my finger print to be used for my visa. I went to a big post office near Trafalgar Squared during my lunch time. It was very simple: a member of the staff asked me to put my fingers on the equipment for a few second. And pay fee for it. That's it. A few weeks later, a plastic card was sent to me. It was called "Biometric", which indicates I have a visa. Finally, my visa problem was solved. I can work as usual.

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