Going to the Netherlands 5

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Apr 16, 2012 03:49
The last night in the Netherland, I had dinner at the restaurant next to the B and B I visited. A waiter showed me a menu and said please told him if I wanted to be explained it in English because it w written in Netherlandish. I asked him which is the most Netherlandish foods. He pointed one name which was listed on the top of the menu. He explained as follows; it was a dish made of chicken with peanut source; fried potato would be added as a side dish. I thought that it might be similar to a kind of roast chicken. I ordered it because he said it was Netherlandish food, although I did not want to eat a roast chicken because I ate it two days before. Fifteen minutes later, the dish was served. It was not a roast chicken, but a food liked a "Yakitori", which was one if the traditional Japanese foods. But there was a big difference; we Japanese don't use peanuts source for Yakitori. It was delicious! The source tasted not only peanuts but also some spices. It was so delicious that I asked the waiter the name of the dish; it's name was "Gemarineercle nip sale". The fried potato, which was a side dish, was served with mayonnaise. I saw sometimes people who was eating fried potato with mayonnaise in the Netherlands. We Japanese don't eat it in such way, then I was surprised. But it tasted good. The mayonnaise tasted milder than Japanese one. There are two major mayonnaise in Japan; Q.P. and Ajinomoto. The former one is major and has stronger taste than latter. But the mayonnaise in the Netherlands was much more milder than Ajinomoto. It was an interesting experience.
Next morning, I found a peanuts source on the table when I had breakfast. I asked a owner of the B and B whether the peanuts source was common among people in the Netherlands. He answered that's right; they had colony in Indonesia and they have important relationships between China. The culture of using peanuts came from such Asian countries. Now, many Asians people live in the Netherlands and Chinese foods were much popular in the country, he explained. I reminded that I learned such stories when I was a high school student. I confirmed that the knowledge which we learn in schools were important.