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Apr 16, 2012 03:38
I stayed the B and B near the Rotterdam to go Kinderdijk. Kinderdijk is famous for its many windmills; it was registered as a World Heritage Site. I rend a bike at the B and B and went there by it. Kinderdijk was located the conjunction of two large canal and there were many small canals around there. These canals looked important to correct water from those damp lands and windmills pumped water up to the sea. The sights remained me the lymph system or azygos vein system in our body. These system correct tissue fluid in the body and pump into blood circulation system. (I'm a medical doctor). Those damp lands were just like body tissue and canals were lymph vessels or veins. I thought their functions were quite similar. Then water pump (or windmills) might corresponded to left venous angle.
At first, I visited a windmill which was open for visitors. There was a thick axis rotating by the wind. The wind was so strong that day, the rotating speed was so fast. I found an interesting thing that the horizontal axis which supports the fin was not parallel to the grand. The axis was slightly upward faces to the wind. I wonder why it was inclined in such a way. I thought that it was good to avert too strong wind force to upward to protect the structure of the windmill. I thought that windmills were well designed.
Next, I visited a windmill museum to see a movie which showed me a history of the area and windmills. The explanation was good to understand them.
After that, I visited a cafe to have lunch. I ate a pancake. I sometimes eat Dutch style pancakes in London. It is unique and delicious. I love it. But I did not know the real one in the Netherlands. It looked same as one which I ate in London. The taste was slightly milder than one in London. It tasted good!
After eating a pancake, I enjoyed biking around the area. Although the landscape was similar to one in the country side of the UK, there was an important difference; there were so many channels all over the area. The sight was so beutiful. Unfortunately, the weather changed and rain was getting hard. I had to terminate the biking and I went back to the B and B.
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