Going to the Netherlands 3

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Apr 16, 2012 03:16
The third day in the Netherlands, I went to Keukenhof to enjoy beautiful sights. Although the weather forecast said that it would rain, I saw a clear sky without any clouds when I got up. I wanted to visit some museums in Amsterdam before leaving for Keukenhof, I decided to skip them and went to Keukenhof as early as I could, because I thought that the weather might be unstable and I should get there before the weather changs. I went Amsterdam central station and got on a train to Schiphol airport station to leave my baggage. And then, I got on a bus to the Keukenhof. It was still fine when I got there. So many colourful flowers covered the garden. I thought that it was worth while coming from abroad to see the beautiful garden even from Japan! (But it is impossible to leave Japan in spring for most Japanese because they had to work so hard especially in spring.). There were many cherry blossoms with full blooms; we Japanese love those flowers, then I was lucky! By chance, I found a bird show which was held in the garden. A owl, an eagle, and other birds showed their demonstration flights between flowers; it was absolutely beautiful! I joined a boat cruse which went though flower gardens. These colourful gardens looked as if it were colourful carpets. The blue sky enhanced their beauty. Just after the boat riding, clouds appeared and covered all over the sky. The sun light is important to see colourful sights. The situation was not good to enjoy the gardens. I thought that I was right to skip calling at museums in Amsterdam before coming Keukenhof. I have enjoyed myself so much. Then I left there for the B and B which I booked and was located near Rotterdam. Surprisingly, I took more than 500 photos in the day; because the garden was so beautiful.