Going to the Netherlands 2

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Apr 16, 2012 02:52
On the second day, although the weather forecast predicted rain, I saw a sunrise between clouds at the hotel. I thought that it might be a chance to enjoy my trip to the Floriade, which is an international exhibition for flowers. I'm not good at flowers, I heard that it would be beautiful exhibition. Then I wanted to go to see there. It was held in Venlo, which is a city located in south west of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is located in the northern Netherlands, it is not so close each other. But I heard that it would take only about two hours by train. I thought that the fine day would not be continued, it might change. So I had quick break first and left my hotel for Amsterdam central station. I took a train to Eindhoven and change trains there to Venlo. Then I caught a bus to the place of exhibition. I arrived at there around 11 a.m. Fortunately, it was still fine. It was composed of four main areas and each area has its own concept. I strolled through one by one. The most interesting area for me was the education area. I ate some samples of vegetables and found that they were more delicious than as usual. There might be some reasons; they might so fresh, the breeds might be different, the cooking was different.... But the most different thing was that I ate it as a main dish, not as a side dish. I'm a neuroscientist and I know that an "attention" is a very important factor not only for cognition but also for perception. My attention to these vegetables made my taste perception system sensitive and I could detect faint taste which I normally neglect. This experience interested me to foods and cooking. It was interesting experience
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