Going to the Netherlands 1

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Apr 9, 2012 04:17
The cloud base was low and Amsterdam was completely covered by thick clouds when I arrived at there.  I wonder whether I would have fine day for a few days because I came here to enjoy photo shooting.  The sun light is one of the most important factors to take photos.  It can make everything beautiful.  Even the most beautiful sight might not look so good under thick clouds.  After arriving a hotel, I checked the weather forecast on the web.  It predicted that the weather would not so good for a few days and latter day would be worse.  I  had two major destinations in this trip; Floriade 2012 and  Keukenhof.  I thought that I should go there in early period of the trip.  Then, I decided to go Floriade on the second day and Keukenhof at the third day of my trip.  I hope I would have fine days.
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