Going to the Netherlands

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Apr 7, 2012 04:24
I'm leaving London for Amsterdam to enjoy sightseeing.  I heard that many flowers cover the Netherlands  in this season and it is so beautiful.  I came Lindon in January last year.  I lost my chance to enjoy it last year because I was not used to my life in London yet and i did not have any rooms in my heart.  But now, I have been in London for more than a year and I have settled down in London.  This spring may be my last chance to enjoy it,  then I chose the Netherlands as a destination for my trip during the Easter holidays.  I'll visit the Keukenhof garden.  To tell the truth, I don't know botany well, although I have teacher's license for science in high school.  I was majored at physics and medicine.  But I love seeing beautiful sights, so I'll be able to enjoy it, I think.  
This is my first visit in Netherlands.  Although I'm looking forward to visiting in the country, I'm slightly nervous because it is not a English speaking country.  In anyway, this airplane will land Schiphol soon.  I want to enjoy myself a lot.