Seeing an opera after my job

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Apr 3, 2012 22:30
This morning, my boss said that he wold go to see an opera with his family tonight with smile and asked me whether I was interested in it. Although I knew nothing about it, I was interested in it because it was one of the European cultures. I was ashamed that I know nothing about operas; The only thing I knew was that opera was a kind of play and it was related to music. That's all. It is impossible to enjoy opera in Japan; The tickets are so expensive and it is difficult to get a ticket even you would pay much. Then I answered, yes. He said that I might get a cheap ticket, so he recommended me to come with him. I finished my job earlier than usual and I went to Royal Opera house in Covent Garden with him. All admires of opera in Japan must envy me. He arranged something for me to get a ticket and I got one. When I got in the Opera House and found that all people were dressed up. I was sorry about that I wore a casual wear because it was just after my job and I did not know I would come there when I left my flat in the morning. I walked through long corridors and found my seat; Surprisingly, it was for a seat in the front row at the upper floor (amphitheatre). I could see the stage without seeing anyone's back. The title of the opera was "Rigolett". Just after stating the play, I found that all lines in operas were songs. I did not know even such a thing. Their singing powers were sublime. I understood what is "sing a song". Of course, all songs were performed with an orchestra's performance. I thought that it must be one of the important styles of classical music. I should know it when I learn European culture. All lines were spoken in not English. Then, there was a big electrical sign board over the stage and the translations to English were displayed in real time. But it was very difficult for me to read and understand; it was very fast and the meaning of the word was difficult for me. If it had been in translations to Japanese, it would not be so easy to catch them up. But I thought I understood the outline of the story, may be..... Not only the contents of the opera but also the atmospheres of the opera house and audience were interesting for me. I had a good opportunity.