Power of photos

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Apr 2, 2012 18:21
My Japanese friend sent me a parcel, which enclosed a DVD disc.  The disc recorded many photos which he took us during our trip when I temporally returned to Japan last month.  I'm a private pilot in Japan and enjoyed a trip by a small airplane with him and other friends during my stay in Japan.  Our small airplane stayed in a small airport in Okayama prefecture.  We got together at there and flew to Nanki-shirahama via Kobe.  Those photos reminded me the trip clearly.  One of my hobbies is editing a video.  I made a video work by those photos with a BGM. I enjoyed the trip with my friends again while I edited it.  After five hours, I finished editing and sent it to my friends by internet.  They also enjoyed the trip again.  I reconfirmed that photos were powerful method to enjoy our lives.