An unique tea room

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Jun 9, 2014 20:22
An unique tea room

I have sweet tooth and love eating cream tea; I think it is one of the great culture of the UK. I have visited more than 30 tea rooms since I moved to London.
My colleague said there is a good secret tea room in SOHO, which is the highest area in London, and they serve good cream teas. The tea room is located in the first floor of a pub and they don't have a unique entrance. We have to use a secret entrance in the pub and we have to ask a member of staff in the pub whether we can get in.
Last time I went there with my colleague, we could not get there because we could not get a permutation due to full.
This is my second try. Fourtunetry, they permit me to get in. I used a secret steers and get there. The room was small but the atomsphere was cosy. A limited number of customers were enjoying themselves in the room. I ordered a set of afternoon tea. The taste of afternoon tea and cream tea highly depend on the tea room, it is my fun to find their original taste in each tea room. Their tea smelled good and the teats of scone, sandwiches, and cakes were ok. I think the best point of the tea room was their atomsphere.
I added the tea room into my tea room list in my mind.