Eleventh flight training

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Jan 17, 2012 08:12
Today I performed my eleventh flight training in the UK to transfer my private pilot license from for the USA to for the UK.  Today, there were two main tasks; VOR tracking and simulated forced landing.    Although I had trained  them in the USA, I have to learn again to pass the flight test to transfer the license.  I took off the home aerodrome which was located in northern London and turned to north.   Just after climbing out, my instructor indexed the destination and requested me to take him there by using the VOR tracking technique. The VOR is one of the important navigation equipments.  Although the VOR indicated the direction of the destination, I had to modify it by wind information because our course would be distorted by wind. I flew with calculation to get the value of wind correction angle. Simultaneously, I have to maintain the flight condition, monitor the outside, listening the radio communication, and identify the position.   Sometimes, the instructor asked our position and I had to answer it, of course in English.   To fly is a highly multitask work.  Due to the delay of the flight which was performed by someone before me, our depature was delayed. I took off only 45 minutes before the sun set.  Although it is not so easy to identify the position from the sky even in daytime, it was more difficult when it was dark. 
After that tracking training, we performed the simulated forced landing training.  This was my second time to do it with the instructor.  He required me high quality simulation; I simulated it until just before touch down the field out of the aerodrome. I trained them for about one hour and flew back home aerodrome.
 It was my first flight for this three months.  It was absolutly fun to fly for me even I had flown many times.