To Edinburgh 5-1

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Dec 31, 2011 00:01
The third day, I had no plan to do and woke up late.  I went to the dining hole of the B and B to have breakfast.  There were no visitor there.  The owner came and said that I was an only visitor today.  He continued that many visitor wold come today an the B and B would be full for a few days.  They wanted to stay in Edinburgh on new years eve because it would be so beautiful.  I might come here too early.  Anyway, I did not have a plan and asked him what I should do.  He said it would be a fine day and I should climb to the hill which was located East end of the city to look over it.  It sounded good.  I checked out the B and B, and went to the station to leave my bag.  Just after arriving at the station, suddenly heavy rain started.  It was impossible to go outside of the station for sight seeing.  I was confused.  What should I do...  Then, a bus run before my eyes.  It was a city sight seeing tour bus.  Their buses runs on the route which goes around the city, and if we buy a ticket once, we can get on and off freely.  It might be a good way.  I could look around the city without annoying the rain.  I decided going round at once by it.  Fortunately, it equipped Japanese audio guide; its Japanese was also strange as one which I heard in the castle.  However, I understood what it want to say and it was useful.  I found some interesting place from the bus.  

(to be continued)