To Edinburgh 4

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Dec 30, 2011 09:30

The second day, I joined a coach tour which goes around south half of Scotland in a day.  It's tough tour; it takes more than 12 hours and runs more than 600 km.  The tour departed from the castle at 8:10, I had to skip the breakfast at the B and B because it was too early.  Although it was fine weather when just after we left Edinburg, heavy rain started soon.  The tour normally visits many sight viewing points,it was impossible to go outside of the coach.  We enjoyed sightseeing through the coach's windows.   Scotland is mainly composed of lowland and highland.  Edinburgh is located in lowland.  After 2 hours driving, we proceed into highland.  Although it was relatively flat in lowland, there were many ups and downs in highland.  There were many mountains.  At a glance, the sight was similar to one which I saw switzerland, but it was not same.  The mountains were gentle because they were eroded.  I saw a many dents on the slops of the mountains and they had a stream which made them by erosion in the bottom of them.   The driver of the coach guided over driving.  He was cheerful and talkative person.  His guide was good.  He said these areas were normally covered by snow in December.  It was -20 degrees Celsius on same season in last year.  However it was 10 degrees and we found even some flowers blooming! In fact, it was not so cold there as I expected.  I though that the weather was sever and there were only a few wood, they might be covered only moss.  However my idea was not true.  There were many trees.
After 6 hours driving, we arrived at loch Ness; it was the main destination of the tour.  Normally, participants of the tour get on the boat on the lake.  But the boat was cancelled because of the bad wether.  In stead of the boat tour, we visited at the castle which stood beside of the lake.  It was a ruin in the field.  The rain and wind was so hard that it was impossible to take photos of it.  To make matter worse, we did not see the Nessie!  
After leaving form loch ness, it got dark soon.  We run in the dark for 4 hours and came back Edinburgh.  
Although the weather was bad, I enjoyed as it was.
The second day was finished.