To Edinburgh 3

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Dec 29, 2011 19:00
Everyone, who recommended me coming Edinburgh, said that the castle was beautiful.  So at first I went to there just after arriving at Edinburgh.  It was located west of main station and on the top of the hill.  It looked robust.  I bought a ticket, brought an audio guide, and got into the castle.  There was a thing I had to see there,it's Mons MEG which is a big canon and was located near the gate.   The reason which I wanted to see was its name.  I'm major at a special medical technique, which name is MEG.  Same name!   I took some photos of it and got into the main area of the castle.  The castle itself was not so big, it was compact.  I looked around there while listening the audio guide.  I felt something strange about the guide.  There were some phrases which did not make sense.  I thought the meaning for a while and found the cause of the strangeness.  Aha!  The Japanese audio guide was literally translated from English guide!  For example, the guide used the word "彼女(she)" to explain the Mons MEG.  Although it is acceptable in English, it is not in Japanese.  The there were some miss use of the word in the audio guide.  I thought that learning language was difficult.  I strolled through the castle while translating Japanese to Japanese.  when I got out it, it was around 4 p.m.. It was already dark.  I walked through the high street to Palace of Holyrioodhouse.  Unfortunately, the palace were already closed.  Then, I went back around the station to find something interesting.  There was a car-free area around the station and it was so busy.  It must be a truly high street.  I found a market and got into it.  It was slightly different from the market I have ever seen.  They sold unique foods and drinks.  It was interesting to see.  After leaving there, it was almost 5 p.m.   It seemed too late to enjoy sightseeing.  I gave up and went to the B and B which I booked.  The owner of the B and B asked me how did you feel about Edinburgh.  I said that it seemed a pretty city.  He answered "Yes, it is convenient and compact city.  Everything is located in small area."  I heard same thing from my friend who lives in Sapporo, Japan.   Sapporo is the largest city in Hokkaido, which is the north part of Japan.  Sapporo is the  center of Hokkaido and slightly far form Tokyo.  Then, it is a convenient city and we can get and buy almost all things in Sapporo, but it is not so wide.  I heard so.  Edinburgh might be sapporo in Japan.
 The first day in Edinburgh was finished.