To Edinburg 2

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Dec 28, 2011 15:58
I'm in the train from London to Edinburg.  I found that there  were  many atomic power plant in the east coast of England.  I wonder how much the UK depend on the atomic power as a source of electric power?  I consulted on the web and found that it was 13.5 %.  It was lower than I expected.  It was almost half of one for Japan.  However it is difficult to compare it between two countries.  The source of energy is highly related to the background of the countries.  I thought why the percentage for the UK is not so high?  Although I don't know the answer, it might be related to the north sea oil.  The UK has it's own oil mine, so it does not have to depend on the atomic power like as Japan.  
In addition, I was surprised that the percentage of solar power is higher in Japan and Germany than other countries.  In fact, I found many solar panels in fields of farms when I went to Germany two weeks ago.  But, why?  Does it relate to some political reasons?  And I was surprised that the percentage of atomic power in Switzerland was higher than I expected.  I knew that Switzerland makes electricity mainly by waterpower.  It is understandable because it has many mountains and it is easy to make dam for water power.  But why atomic power?  Does it related to the fact that Switzerland is a neutral nation?
I'm thinking such things in the train to Edinburg.