To Edinburg 1

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Dec 28, 2011 05:21
We have two long holidays in a year; Easter holidays and Christmas holidays.  Three months ago, I thought whether I should go back Japan or not on Christmas holidays and checked the cost of the air ticket on the web. It was too expensive to buy, it was twice or third as much as usual!  I decided to stay in and enjoy European Christmas.  I asked my colleagues what was the best plan to enjoy this holidays.  One of them said that Edinburg might be a suitable place to stay in the holidays.  He said that Edinburg is beautiful especially around the Christmas.  It sounds interesting.  In addition, I had never been in Scotland and wanted to go there.  Scotland is far from London and it is not easy to go.  So it might be a chance to go, I thought.  There are many options to go there; by air, train, sleeper train, and coach.  He recommend to go by train because the sight through the train's window is nice.  But it takes almost 5 hours one way.  Not so short.  Then I looked for a a sleeper train.  Although I found it, it was too expensive!  I thought 5 hours is acceptable and chose it.  Although I wanted to go there 26th-28th of Dec at fast, the website said that there would be no train service on 26th.  Then, I changed it to 27th-29th.  I afterward found that all train of national railways were stopped on 26th.  This is my first Christmas in European country, I did not know that so many public transportations are affected by the holidays.   Although most of the tubes were operated today (27th of Dec.), the branch of the tube runs near my flat was not operated.  I has to use replacement bus to the other branch of the tube to go to the King's cross national railway station. Although it took longer than as usual, I came to the King's cross and cach the train to Edinbrug.  I'm in the train, now.  The trip to Edinbrug has just started.
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