Christmas home party

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Dec 26, 2011 20:38
After a Christmas morning service, my colleague invited me for his home party. He, his wife, his daughter, friends, a brother, and I got together. His wife served British Charismas foods. It included roasted turkey! A roasted turkey is not common in Japan. we often use a roast chicken as a substitute for a roasted turkey. This might be my first time to eat it. It tasted good! After having lunch, we chatted, watching a movie, playing a game, and exchanged presents each other. We played Monopoly, which was a kind of snakes and ladders and used the real place-name in London. There were many place I know and it was furthermore interesting. We exchanged many presents each other and the floor was covered by many wrapping papers. I understood why the Piccadilly circus and Oxford circus were so busy for a few weeks. Every Londoner bought many presents for this moment! I was satisfied myself. If I did not come and enjoy a Christmas morning service and Christmas home partly, I could not understand their behaviors in right way. I'm happy to have this opportunity. Thank you.