Christmas Markets in Germany 7

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Dec 25, 2011 04:24
My last day in Germany, my flight would leave for London at 7 p.m. and it would take only less than one hour to Munich airport. I had enough time to enjoy myself in Munich. At first I wanted to look over the city. My guide book said that I could climb to the top of the church and new government office building which are located in the center of the city and could enjoy looking around. Then, I went to the church. At the entrance of it, I met a lady who joined in the coach tour to the castle previous day by chance. We chatted for a while and went to the top of the church together. The city was covered light snow and it was so beutiful. Next, we went together to the new government office building next to the church to enjoy the sight from the top. After sightseeing from the top of the building, we met another lady who joined the tour at the entrance of the church by chance! It seemed that we had similar plans to enjoy Munich. The first lady had to leave for Japan. Then we said good bye and I went to Münchner Residenz with the second lady. It was early morning. There were not so many tourist that we enjoyed to see the beutiful architectures well. After visiting Münchner Residenz, the second lady left Munich. I had more enough time in Munich. Then I went to the Deutsches Museum. Germany is famous for its technology. Then I thought that I should go there. I saw U boat, Messerschmitt Me 262, VTOR test plane, mock-up of Columbus Laboratory, and Pegasus engine!! It was absolutely interesting for me! The museum was so big that I could see only half of it. Finally, I went to Neue Pinakothek to see paintings. There were many Impressionistic painting and they were beutiful.
After that, I went to the airport and left Munich for London.
Although it was only three days in Germany, I enjoyed my first visit in Germany well!