Christmas Markets in Germany 6

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Dec 25, 2011 03:30
The second day in Germany, I joined in a one day coach tour to go Schloss Neuschwanstein (castle). The tour was operated by a Japanese tour company and about 40 Japanese joined it. About a half of the participants joined it alone (neither a couple nor a group). Then we got along well each other. The bus run through the suburb of Munich. It was covered by light snow and it was beautiful! Two hours later, we arrived at the root of the hill where the castle located. We climbed the hill 30 minutes and arrived in front of the castle. The inside of the castle was similar to other castles which I saw in Spain and Italy. I thought that European countries share their histories and cultures.
After visiting the castle, We went to Wieskirche (church). Just after entering the entrance, the sublime fresco painting on the walls and ceiling surprised me. Their contrast was higher than others in other church. It was impressive.
After living there, we went to Landsberg (small town) to visit a Christmas market. This was my third Christmas market in Germany. Although most of the shops were similar to ones which I saw in Nürnberg and Munich, there were some different type stalls; they sold unique foods. I ate some of them. Before eating them, I took photos of them every time. The peoples saw what I did and were interested in me. Some of them helped me taking photos of them with me. They were kind.
It was very cold. They were drinking hot drinks. Although I wanted something hot to drink, I did not wanted to drink alcohol more. I found conductor of the tour, who was Japanese, and asked her how I could find alcohol-free hot drink. She suggested that I should order "kinder punch", which is a kind of drinks for children and does not contain alcohol. Then, I ordered it and drunk. Although the taste of it was similar to the one which I drunk yesterday, it was easy to drink for me because it did not have smell of alcohol. Someone was eating a food which looked like Kakiage(かき揚げ) which is one of the Japanese traditional foods. However it was not same. They ate it with some red source. We ate Kakiage with black special source which is similar to soy source. I was interested in it and ordered. The taste was not one of Kakiage, but Pan-no-mimi(パンの耳) which is Japanese traditional junk food. I dipped it in the red source. I expected that it was hot because it looked like chili source. However, it was not! It was sweet! It might be an apple source! It was Pan-no-mimi with apple source! It was ingesting experience. Time flew and we had to leave there. After one hour drive, we came back Munich. In the coach to Munich, the conductor said that other market was held in Munich, which was Craft man Market. She said although it was held in same season as Christmas market, not specialized for Christmas and it was slightly different from Christmas market. I was interested in it, then I went there to have dinner after arriving at Munich.
It was held in South West of Munich main station. There were some huge tents in the plaza and there were many stalls inside and outside of them. Various kinds of goods and foods were sold and it was so busy! It was just like extended Camden market. I found something looked like small Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) which is one of the soul food in Osaka, Japan. I was born and grew up in Osaka. Then, I have to try eating it. Although it tasted good, it was far different from Okonomiyaki. I don't know how I can explain its taste, but I ate similar food in Switzerland in this summer. After eating it, I strolled through the market and came back my hotel. The second day in Germany finished.
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