Christmas Markets in Germany 4

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Dec 25, 2011 03:00
After arriving at Nürnberg, I went to northern area of the station; my guidebook said that there are some high streets around there and I thought that the market should be held there. Although I found it soon, it was not so busy. Piccadilly circus is busier than that. I was slightly disappointed. I strolled though the market to north. Just passing a corner, I was surprised. There were absolutely busy area which I saw on the web. Oh, it was! There was a plaza which is covered many stalls. I climbed to the terrace beside the market to look over. The wide of the plaza was 10 times as large as a tennis court and too many stalls prevented me seeing the ground.
I went into the market. There were various stalls; they sold ornaments, sweets, foods, and alcohol. It remained me Touka Ebosu (十日戎), which is a kind of new year festival held in Osaka, Japan. Not Christmas, but new year is important for Japanese. We Japanese celebrate new year and many temples and shrines held new year festival. Touka Ebisu is one of them. Many stalls open around the temple, many Japanese attend it and it is so busy. I found that Christmas for them might be the new year festival for us Japanese.
I did not have lunch to enjoy the market. I looked for a stall which sold good foods. There was a shop, which made much smoke and good smell. They sold a kind of meat. It looked delicious. I tried it. It tasted curry and very good. After that, I walked around again. Many people drunk something. It looked like a kind of alcohol; may be hot wine. To tell the truth, I cannot drink alcohol. However it seems important to drink it to understand this market. Then, I ordered it and tried drinking little. The taste was similar to one of Cider which I drunk in the Camden market in London. It was interesting. My guidebook said that sausage is one of the most important culture of them. Then I ate it. It was crispy and tasted very good. After eating it, I went to the north end of the old town. There was a small castle on the hill. I saw all over the town from there. Orange roofs covered the town, it was not similar to Japanese landscape. I felt that I was in an European country. After enjoying the market and sightseeing, the time came when I had to leave for Munich. Although it was a short stay, I was satisfied.