Christmas Markets in Germany 3

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Dec 25, 2011 02:22
A few weeks ago, my colleague asked me what did I have my travel plan in this winter. I answered that I would go to Germany to enjoy Christmas market. He said that it must be a good idea and he recommended to visit Nürnberg. He said that Christmas market inrnberg was excellent. I have heard similar thing from other people. However, I had already booked a tour to Munich. Too late! I surfed on the web and I found that it is not so far between Munich and Nürnberg. The tour had free time, when there were no plan arranged by them. It was not impossible to gornberg by myself. ICE connects two cities and it takes only one hour. ICE is a high speed train in Germany which I was interested in. It might be a chance to use it. However, there was a problem. The ticket is expensive. The return ticket costs almost 100 Euro! I hesitated. Hum. It may be my first and last chance to enjoy Christmas market in Nürnberg. If I had lost this opportunity, I would not be able to come in this season in my life. Then I decided to go there!
I'm writing this entry in the ICE. It is similar to Shinkansen, which is the Japanese high speed train. It is comfortable. I'll arrive atrnberg soon.