Christmas Markets in Germany 2

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Dec 25, 2011 02:15
The tour company said that I have to use early flight which depart at 7 a.m. from Heathrow. Too early! I'll not be able to go there by tube! However they said that there were no choice except for it. Then I accepted. There are 24 hours bus access to Gatwick, Luton, and Stanstead which are airports around Heathrow. Then, I thought that I would find some way to go Heathrow even early morning. At first, I checked the timetable of tubes and found there were no tubes which I could use. Next, I checked the timetable of Heathrow express , but there were no train. Then, I checked the timetable of coaches and local buses, but not. How could I do? I visited the Heathrow's website and I found that I should to use a taxi. The site estimated the cost from my flat to Heathrow. It said that it would cost almost 100 pounds! Too expensive. I consulted my colleague. He said that it was strange, too expensive. And he kindly looked for some cheaper taxi companies. He introduced some companies which cost around 40 pound. It should be acceptable. Then I booked one of them on the web.
However, I was slightly afraid. This was my first time to use taxi such an early morning. Would it come on time? If it had not come, I would have missed the flight. I could not help believing that it worked well.
This morning. I got up at half passed three, ate light breakfast and waited the taxi. Just 5 minutes to 4, I got a text which was sent by the taxi driver. It said he was in front of my flat. Perfect!
The taxi took me to the Heathrow, it took only half hour and it was comfortable. I came to Heathrow without trouble early morning! My trip had started.