Christmas markets in German 1

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Dec 17, 2011 14:34
Christmas markets in German is famous among Japanese.  Although I knew it and wanted to come, it was not easy for us.  German is far from Japan.  In addition, it is very busy in Dec. for Japanese to have holidays.  However, I'm living in London now.  It might be my first and last chance to enjoy it.  Then I took a day off on Monday and planed to go there on three days week end in late Dec.   At first, I asked my colleague when is the best timing to go German to enjoy Christmas market.  He said that it must be JUST before Christmas.  Then I decided to go there on 17-19 of Dec.  Next, I have to decide where I sHould go.  This is my first visit in German except for transit.  I do not know German well.  So I decided to use a tour which was arranged by Japanese tour company in London.  They had many plans to enjoy Christmas markets in German.  I thought that it might not be good only to enjoy markets.   I wanted to enjoy German more, because this was my first trip.  Then I choose the plan which includes the one day trip to a castle.  The plan would take me Munich.
Then, I'm waiting my flight at Heathrow, now.  I hope that I will enjoy this trip well.
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