Many Santa Claus (たくさんのサンタさん)

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Dec 11, 2011 06:32
Today, I went to Piccadilly Circus for shopping. Just after coming out of the tube station, I was surprised that there were many Santa Claus around the station. At first, I thought that they were members of some shops and they wear such kind of clothes to advertise their shops. However I found another group of Santa Claus at the other side of the street. It was not one group but there were some groups of Santa Claus! I looked back and was surprised again. Another group of Santa Claus coming out of the station. They gave greetings each other and they seemed not acquainted. Is it common situation during Christmas season in London?
Anyway, I was relieved. There were so many Santa Claus that children will be able to receive their gifts all over the world!
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