Pakistan food (パキスタン料理)

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Dec 11, 2011 06:03
Recently, I went to Camden market every weekend to have lunch. Camden market is a large famous marked which is held in the central London every weekend. A few weeks ago, I went there as my first time and I was interested in it. There are various food stands and I can eat various kind of foods all over the world. Today was my fourth visit. I strolled through the market to find food looked delicious. When I go through in front of a stand, a member of the staff called to me and gave small piece of food. It tasted good, then I ordered one piece. It looked like roll sandwich, but it's filling tasted unique. I have nerer eaten the taste. The sign board of the stand said that the food was Pakistan food. It is not easy to have a chance to have Pakistan food in Japan. It was a good experience for me. What an international city London is!