Piano concert in a gentlemen club

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Nov 6, 2011 06:27
I was invited by my boss in my laboratory to a piano concert which was held in a gentleman club. My boss was world famous man and he is a rich man. He is a member of the gentleman club and hosted the piano concert. I heard that a gentleman club is an exclusive private watering place and traditionally only men can have memberships. It is one of a British culture. Of course, I'm not such an executive man and I don't have relevance to such a high society. It was a chance not only to enjoy piano concert but also get a glimpse of such an executive society.
Friday night, I cut out of my work early and went the club with my co-worker. The club was located in the center of London. Just after entering the entrance, there is a luxurious entrance. Many nice Portales were hung on the walls of it. I felt as if I were in films. The concert was held in the room located in 1st floor. The room just looked like a room in the British museum. Most of audience were elder executive British of dignity. I got nervous only to sit there. The pianist was a Japanese and almost a same age to me. He played five classic music; although I did not know most of them, I knew the last number; Moonlight. His playing style was powerful and moved my heard strongly. After the concert, I was invited to dinner at the restaurant in the ground floor with the pianist, his family and my co-worker; all of them are Japanese except for my boss. I had a chance to talk with the pianist. Although his playing style is powerful and aggressive, he was very friendly man. I heard many interesting stories from him in the luxurious restaurant.
Recently, by job is too busy and I have to work even on weekend. Although I was tired, I had a good chance to make me refresh.