Simulated forced landing training (擬似強行着陸訓練)

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Oct 26, 2011 17:41
I had tenth flight training in the UK on last Saturday. The task of the day was to train the procedure for making forced landing. We use almost half of training hours to master techniques how to cope with the emergency situations to get a private pilot licence. It includes mastering the forced landing technique when the engine failure happens. Although engine failures do not occur so often in real flight, the possibility is not zero percent. To tell the truth, my friend, who is a private pilot, lost engine power partly during cross country training flight in California. He noticed the emergency situation and made an emergency landing at the nearest airport, soon. He was well trained, he landed safely. So it is very important to master the technique for every pilot. I’m a private pilot in the US and Japan and I had passed flight test in the US. So I had already learned it. However I had to learn it again to pass a flight test in the UK. The procedure is slightly different between the US and UK. I have to learn the UK style to pass the exam. For the safety, the engine is not completely stopped during the training, an instructor reduces the engine power to idle and the trainee is prohibited to control the power. The trainee must find a field where is suitable to land, glide to there without power, and make a forced landing. Of course, we do not touch down there in reality; it is too dangerous. After making a final approach attitude, instructors call for terminating the simulation and request climbing to safe altitude. It is depend on the instructor when we terminate the simulation.
This was my first time to make a simulated forced landing in the UK with the instructor. The instructor suddenly made the throttle idle during the cursing flight. It meant that I should start the simulation. Simulated engine failures were normally performed near the airport in the US and I glided to the nearest airport. However there were no airports around there. I necessarily chose a longest grass farm around us as an emergency landing field and start gliding to there. The altitude was getting lower; less than 1,000 feet. The insulator did not request a termination. I opened landing equipments (flaps) and could not help starting touchdown procedure. The grass field was closing in. Just after passing 50 feet above gland level, he said “Full power”; it meant that I could terminate the simulation. Then I made power setting max, retracted landing equipments, and started climbing procedure. I thought that the instructor must have brass balls because he requested me to perform such a risky procedure up to the last minutes. I thought that he wanted me to have experience as real as we could do. It is often said that the level of private pilot is quite high in the UK. It might be true.
We trained the procedure a couple of times and finished the training. I have to train the procedure in next flight to pass the exam.