Aviation medical examination in the UK (英国での航空身体検査)

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Oct 23, 2011 06:18
Pilots have to have not only a pilot certification but also an aviation medical certification to fly. I did not have an aviation medical certification in the UK, I went to clinic to take an examination to get it. Not all clinic can perform the examination; only specific clinic can do it. I looked for them on the website and found one which can practice on Saturday. I made a reservation and went there today. It was located eastern part of central London. There are no name boards around the building, it looked like an office building.
I was nervous because the examination was not for medical one but also for English conversation test for me. To get the certification, I had to communicate with a doctor. Fortunately, the doctor was friendly man and his pronunciation was easy to understand for me. At first, he requested me to fill the form, which ask me my medical histories and aviation histories. Next, some of my visual abilities were tested; color vision, distance vision, near vision, field of vision, conversion, fundus oculi and minimum focal length. There are many items related to vision. After that, hearing test, electric cardiogram test, equilibrium test, blood test, and urine test were performed. The medical techniques were little bit different from ones in Japan and it was interesting for me because I'm a medical doctor in Japan. During the examination, I asked him numerous questions and he answered them politely. One hour and half later, all tests were finished and the medical certification was issued on site. At the end he gave me a bill and said "Although it is most unpleasant work as a medical doctor, I have to charge a fee." Normally, medical care are free in the UK. However aviation medical examination is not normal medical care. It naturally costs money. It cost 210 pounds. Although it was expensive, I thought that it was a reasonable price; because he used his time and his skills.
Anyway, I felt ease because I got a medical certification without medical and English problems.