Tenpura (てんぷら)

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Oct 22, 2011 06:02
I came to London and I was surprised that there were many Sushi shops and Japanese restaurants in London. You walk a five minutes and you must find a few Sushi shops or Japanese restaurants. Although some of them are neo-Japanese restaurants, which sell different kind of "Japanese food", there are many good Sushi shops and Japanese restaurants. In addition, it is not more expensive than other kind of restaurants. It cost almost same as in Japan.
The other day, I went to a Japanese restaurant and found "Tenpura (てんぷら)" in the menu. Tenpura must be one of the most important Japanese foods. I have never eaten it since I moved into London. Tenpura is not easy to cook. So it is not easy to eat delicious Tenpura even in Japan. I ordered and ate it. I was surprised that it was delicious! In addition, it was not so expensive. If I wanted to eat it in Japan, I would have to pay more.
I did never think that I enjoyed such a good Japanese foods in foreign countries.