Thai dishes (タイ料理)

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Oct 22, 2011 05:29
There are many restaurants which serve various country foods around my office in London. Recently, I often go to Thai restaurants with my co-workers to have lunch. Although Thai dishes are not same as Japanese one, they have something in common. Both of them often use rice as a principle food and Thai dishes is easy to eat for us. Although there are many Thai restaurants and each restaurant serves delicious dishes, I have a favorite restaurant. It's dishes are more delicious. In addition, they are not so expensive. I asked my two co-workers, one is Japanese and the other is British, what Thai restaurant you like most. They said that they like same restaurant as one I like. I think the restaurant must be a good one. Yesterday, I went to the restaurant to have lunch with the Japanese co-worker, we found that the British co-worker was previously having lunch in the restaurant.
Although I did not have much chances to enjoy Thai dishes in Japan, I often eat them after moving in London. I don't know authentic Thai foods. I want to go Thai to eat them!