Brighton (ブライトン)

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Oct 16, 2011 05:59
It was a fine Saturday. Although I was tired, it is too fine to stay in my flat. I went out with my SLR camera. I wanted to go to some beutiful place. I often heard that Brighton was a beautiful city, but I had never been there, yet. So I decided to go there. Briton is located in the Southern coast of England and it is famous as a resort town. It took 1 hour from London Victoria station to Brighton by train. I saw a blue shining sea between buildings just coming out from the Brighton rail station. I walked to the coast side. I saw a beutiful blue sea under the blue sky without any clouds. It was 10 a.m. It was not busy yet. I enjoyed walking the seaside alone. I found a big pier which is a famous landmark in Brighton. There is an amusement park on the pier. It resembled me the Lands End in Cornwall. I strolled through the pier. I was hungry. Because I have sweet tooth, I always look for a tea room or something like to have a cream tea when I visit strange place. I looked for it by iPhone and I found the cake shop near the pier. I went there on foot to have a cream tea. It was a small cake shop. The grand floor was full and a member of the staff took me to basement floor. At first, a pot of tea was served. Although it was good, I felt that it was too strong. Five minutes after, the scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam were served. I was surprised that it was so delicious. I have eaten cream tea in more than 20 tea rooms in the UK. I'm no stranger to cream teas. I could say that the cream tea was one of the best cream tea which I have eaten. In addition, the strong taste of the tea fit for scone! I admired the cake shop. It was worth while coming to Brighton to have this cream tea!
After the happy time, I walked around through the town. I visited Royal Pavilion, which was the detached palace build for George 4th. The feature of the building was oriental-like and unique. The white building stood out under the blue sky. There was a Museum next to the Royal Pavilion. I saw anent Egyptian unearthed articles in it. After leaving there, I strolled through the town. It was fine day that I enjoyed taking photos. It was a fruitful holiday.
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