Commercial space flight (商用宇宙飛行)

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Oct 13, 2011 17:33
The BBC news broadcasted the story of commercial space flight. Although the commercial space flight had been planned for a long years by many companies, it has not started. The flight may be able to start in near feature. Of course it is not impossible to go to space by paying money now; it is too expensive for us. Only few people in the world can have a chance. However the news said it will cost only 80 thousand pounds to go to space. Although it is a space trip, it is sub-orbit one; we can touch the space and come back soon. We can stay in the space only a few minutes. (The space is normally defined as the place higher than 100 km above sea level.) It may be like a blink of an eye. However we will have a chance to see the blue Earth by ourselves. Eighty thousand pounds is not so cheap, but it is not impossible to pay if we work hard. The era will come!