Polytheism (多神教)

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Oct 11, 2011 17:28
When I was an elementally school student, my teacher said “You should not have esteem for a particular person, even if he/she accomplish a feat. No feat can be accomplished by only one person. You should prise highly not only for one hero/heroine but also their co-workers, friends, and families.”
Steave Jobs died and the news made the headline. Although it is understandable for me, I think it is difficult to happen such kind of disturbance in Japan. There were some “Heroes” like Steave Jobs in Japan. For example Kounosuke Matsushita, who was the founder of Panasonic Company, made an era not only in Japan but also the world. But we Japanese do not treat him as a hero, although we know he was great.
Japanese do not have a unitary no-defect “God”. We think there are many gods around us and they can have their own defects. I guess that our polytheism might be related to our basic idea that we do not price only one hero/heroine.

I pray for the repose of Mr. Steave Jobs's soul.
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