Time is money (時は金なり)

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Oct 11, 2011 06:44
Although my work is so hard that I want to have a rest on weekend, I manage to go outside, not stay in my flat. The duration to work in London is limited for only two years. In addition, I'm running a persistent deficit every mouths, although I get a salary from my lab. It is so expensive to live in London. And if I were in Japan and worked as a medical doctor, I could earn at least twice as much as I earn here. So it is as if I would lose much money every day. I should not waste my limited time even on weekend.
I was a salaried man in a consumer electronics company in Japan before I became medical doctor. My boss in the company said that I should always thinking about the fact the company was paying me money every minutes even when I only sitting on my chair. The cost was so expensive. A company pays not only the salary for employee but also insurance, tax, and etc... I calculated the cost as a trial and found that the company may pay more than 100 JPY per minute, even the employee does not work well. Although you might feel it is scurrilous to think always about money , I think it is important thing. To live is not allowed to speak only fine words. To live requires money and our lifetime and energy are limited. I'm not a brilliant man. My time, money, energy, and talent are limited and I don't have them enough to waist. I should make efficient use of them. So I always go outside even on weekend.