British Barber (英国の床屋さん)

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Oct 10, 2011 02:09
I have always used a barber of Japanese descent in London because it seemed difficult to communicate with a member of the staff in British barber. In addition, it is often said that it is impossible to request the hairstyle. Although it is easy to communicate with a member of the staff and it is comfortable in Japanese one, it costs third or fourth as much as British one in London.
Recently, my hair was getting longer and I felt it shaggy. I want to go to a barber to cut it. However I cut my hair only a month and a half ago. It's fairly recent past. I should not use so much money to cut my hair. So I decided to use British barber.
However, I did not know how I should behave in it. I asked my British co-worker in my office.
"I want to go to a British barber to cut my hair, because it is so expensive in Japanese one."
He answered "It's a good idea. You should have an experience of British culture."
"But I don't know how to behave in it. Would you tell me how...."
"OK. You want to cut a few centimeter, don't you? You do not want to cut so much."
"No. Not so much."
"You should request them to "trim" your hair only 1-2 centimeter by a scissors. Not an electrical clippers."
"Oh. The key word is "trim", isn't it?"
"Yes. And emphasize "scissors", not clippers."
"OK, I'll try it!"
"And if you would not be satisfied with their cut, you could go to Japanese barber after that. There is a barber that I can recommend you. It's located in front of XXXX tube station. Let's try!"
I went there on Saturday morning. It was located underneath the elevated railway tracks. It was small barber; there were only three seats. I got in it. My turn came soon.
I said "This is my first time to come to a barber in London."
The hairdresser answered "Ok. Don't worry. How do you want to cut?"
"I want to trim my hair 1-2 centimeter."
I pointed at round of my head.
"Do you want to cut totally?"
"Do you mean that you want to keep this hair style and trim a few centimeter?"
"Yes, by a scissors."
"Scissors. Ok."
After a ten minutes, he finished the cutting. I was satisfied with it. It cost only 9 pounds; it was one fourth of the price in Japanese one. I want to use this barber again.
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