Ninth flight training in the UK (英国での9回目の飛行訓練)

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Oct 7, 2011 17:29
Although I’m a private pilot in the USA and Japan, I’m a student pilot in the UK. I have to pass the written test and flight test in the UK to translate my licences to one for UK, I’m learning to fly of the UK style at the flight school in London. I had the ninth flight training on last Sunday. The task of the day was navigation and basic manoeuvres. Although the flight technique is not so different in the UK, the USA, and Japan, there are some difference. In addition, it is different between flying for fun and passing the examination. I got my licence more than 5 years. I have to brush up my technique and modify my flight style to fit the sky in the UK.
I took of the aerodrome with my flight instructor. Just after finishing my taking off sequence, my instructor pointed at the destination on my chart and said “Please take me there”. I measured the heading and modified it by wind information.
I said “The estimated heading is 006 degrees with wind correction. The midpoint of this flight path is XXX. I’ll recalculate the path and time just arriving at there.”
“OK. Please tell me when you find the destination.”
After a 8 minutes flight, I found the destination slightly left in front of us.
“The destination is insighted.”
“OK. Next destination is XXXX.”
He pointed at another point on my chart. I recalculated and restared navigation. I trained the procedure several times.
After the navigation training, I trained the technique of stall recovery, which is quite basic and important technique to fly safely. It was a good opportunity for me. Because I have already had a pilot licence in the USA and Japan, it is difficult to have an oppotunity to train such a basic technique with professional instructor. The technique is slightly different from ones which I learned in Japan. I asked him why he did it in such way. He explained the reason, which was reasonable for me. At first, he showed examples. Then, I took on his techniques.
After a one hour flight, we landed the home aerodrome. It was fun. He commented on today’s flight and explained the tasks which I’ll train in the next flight.
It was a good flight training and English conversation lessons.
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