Diagnose (診断)

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Oct 6, 2011 07:13
Making a diagnosis is much complex task. Although it is often said that medical doctors can make it by only reading laboratory data or X-ray pictures, it is not true. We have to use much information and combine them to make it. Although symptoms are one of the most important information, many different diseases make same symptom and patients sometimes disguise their symptoms and anamnesis histories. We have to catch out them to make a diagnosis correctly. Age and gender are very important factors. Walking style, fashions of speaking, and facial aspect sometimes give us important information. So making a diagnosis is much stressful work. To tell the truth, I was always scared in a medical office about whether I miss serious diseases or not. I finished my clinical work just before leaving Japan. I'm working as researcher in London and do not practice clinical work now. Nine months has passed since I finish it. However, I had a dream in which I missed a serious disease and the patient deteriorate suddenly yesterday. It was an awful dream. I woke up and felt ease after finding that it was a dream. Thank goodness.