Insomnia (不眠症, 睡眠障害)

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Oct 6, 2011 06:39
When just after coming to London to work, my Japanese co-worker adviced me that I should be careful of my health especially after a half year passed since I move to London. He said that he fell in sick after a half years passed since he came and it took long time to recover from that condition. So I tried to save my power both on business and private. Fortunately the timing he mentioned had passed without any troubles.
Nine months has passed since I came to London. Recently, I was suffer from insomnia, although I had never suffered from it. It was getting serious. Finally I got up three times in a night. It was one of the symptoms which he mentioned. Generally speaking, there are various types to the insomnia. (I was a medical doctor.) The insomnia, from which I was suffer, was an interrupted type. The patients with the type of insomnia often have some kind of stressors in their minds and it sometimes helps to improve their sleep that they simply identified their stressors. Although I did not thought that I felt stress in daily life, I looked for it. I found something in my mind. Then, my sleep was improved. I awoke only one time last night.
It is not easy to live in foreign countries. I might have some stressors unconsciously. I should be careful my health more.