Laws and Histories (法律と歴史)

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Oct 2, 2011 06:44
One of my hobby is taking photos. I enjoied taking photos with my boss in London city today.
It is prohibited to take photos of strangers because of rights of portrait in Japan. I heard that the right is applied strictly in European countries so I thought I could not take photos of strangers in the UK. I tried to keep away someone from my photos when I decided to the composition. However, my boss who is British, said that it is not prohibited and we have a right to take someone's photos freely in public space. I was surprised because the story conflicted with my knowledge. He said that the right is guaranteed by the British law. Although the rule is not applied in private spaces, we can take photos freely in public space. However the right is not guaranteed in not all European countries. For example, we cannot take photos of strangers freely in France because the right of privacy is more important than right of freedom in France. He continued that the British law is based on the assumption that we are basically behave gentry and the idea came from Roman conscience. On the other hand, the idea of law in France came from Napoleon's conscience. The concepts of laws in German and Italia are different from ones of British and France. These difference came from their historical backgrounds.
I had never heard such a story and was surprised. I re-realized the importance of histories.
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