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Sep 29, 2011 05:56
My last day in Switzerland, I had free half day before leaving Geneve for London. I was interested in the mountain near the Geneve which I found the previous day and is located in France. I knew that there was a observatory on the top of the mountain and I could go there by a ropeway. I thought that the ropeway might be a good way to see the geological stratum of the mountain that I was interested in. I got on a bus to the border between Switzerland and France and crossed it on foot. There were no passport control to cross it. I arrived at the station for the ropeway after 10 minutes walk. The ropeway climbed the mountain at a steep angle. I had a close up view of the geological stratum and I felt that the mountain was under the water long long ago. The observatory was located next to the ropeway station. The observatory commanded panoramic view. There was a nice restaurant in it. Although I wanted to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the panoramic sight, I did not have enough time to stay there; I have to go back Geneve and go to the airport. I spent ten minutes to take photos and left for the hotel in Geneve. I checked out it, went to the Geneve international airport, and left Geneve for London.
I had been in Switzerland for a week. I visited many places, saw many beutiful sights, felt good atmosphere, met many kind people, and took many photos; more than 1,200. I learned many things and it was fruitful journey for me.
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