Jet lag (時差)

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Sep 28, 2011 17:26
My Japanese co-worker came back London from his temporally return to Japan. He spent two weeks in Japan and came back this Sunday. He looked sleepy because of his jet lag, yesterday. Generally speaking, the effect of jet lag is not so serious on the next day after long travel. However, it is hard to wake up two days after. It was 12 hours flight from Japan to the UK and there is 8 hours difference in time when we use summer time in the UK; Japan does not use summer time system now. It is long flight and big difference. It is not easy to adapt.
I went to Switzerland two weeks ago. There is no serious difference in time between the UK and Switzerland. Of course I did not feel jet lag and I enjoyed myself so much without feeling of unwellness. I found many Japanese tourists who came from Japan. It is not easy to have longer day offs than a week in Japanese social system. Most of them stayed Switzerland for a week maximum. They looked sleepy. However it is standard style to visit European countries for Japanese.
My contract to work in London lasts only a year and a half. I should enjoy European countries during the period, I think.