Receiving parcels

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Sep 27, 2011 02:47
Although London is convenient city to live, there are some difficulties. One of them is to receive parcels. In Japan, deliverymen work on week end and call at our flats again and again till meeting receivers. They carry particles even in night. It is convenient and necessary service in Japan. Howevere most deliverymen don't work weekend and don't come twice.
I live in my flat alone and I’m working daytime on weekdays. So I’m absent when they come. They often deposit my parcels to neighbors whom I don’t know. Fortunately, my neighbors are kind and I had no troubles to receive my parcels. However it is not convenient. Although only some delivery companies courier them on weekend, they request me to pay extra fee. It’s expensive!
Last week, a parcel was couriered to me. Of course, I was absent when they came. I found a letter written by my neighbor who kept it for me. The letter said that he was also often absent and I should ring him to decide the time I receive it from him. Talking on the phone is most difficult task for me. I was afraid that I could communicate with him on the phone. Fortunately, I could understand more than half of his talk; at least I caught the time when I should come to his flat to receive it. Finally, I got my parcel. However, receiving parcels always annoys me in London.
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