Visiting Switzerland (6-4)

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Sep 25, 2011 02:46
After leaving the hot spring, I went to Geneve by train and checked in a hotel. It was around 5 p.m. There was still enough time to enjoy Geneve. I went out from the hotel withy SLR camera.
Geneve is a city where Jean-Jacques Rousseau lived. Although we Japaneses do not empasyse religions, I found that relogions are one of the important things in Europian people. So Rousseau may be an important person, I thought. My guidebook said that there is his a memorial tablet and his house in Geneve. It was a chance to see them. I went to there on foot. The tablet was located in a park and his house was located in commercial area. Although the guide book said that his house was used as museum, I did not think so. It looked abandoned house.
After visiting there, I strolled through the town. I saw a big fountain in the lake. It is one of the symbol of Geneve. I wanted to take photos of it. I looked for a good background for that photo. I found two good ones; a white mountain in France and stripe shaped mountains near the border between Switzerland and France. I moved to appropriate point and took a photo. I was interested in the stripe shaped mountains. The stripes were geological strata and it indicated that here was a bed of the water long long ago even in the Alps. Although the next day was my last day in Switzerland and I have to leave Geneve for London by air, I would have spare time in the morning. I decided to go there the next day.
My sixth day in Switzerland was finished.